Elephants of the Tsunami

Elephants of the Tsunami

Written by Jana Laiz
Illustrated by Tara Cafiero

Elephants of the Tsunami, by Jana Laiz, illustrated by Tara Cafiero, was written after the South Asian Tsunami disaster of 2004 in order to help the victims, both human and animal. It is the true story of eight amazing Thai working elephants that rescued many people who otherwise would have been consumed by the sea. We are proud to give a portion of the proceeds to tsunami relief efforts as well as Katrina relief. The book has been sent to Thailand as part of a literary and cultural exchange and has been read to over 600 Thai children in an effort to heal from the disaster. Elephants of the Tsunami can be purchased by visiting www.amazon.com.

What People are Saying: 

Hi Jana,
It’s me, Amanda. From the writing class in Girl Scouts. I’m very glad that your book, Elephants of the Tsunami inspired me to write. Ever since then I have been writing non-stop. Thanks a million. It’s so cool how just ordinary elephants saved so many people. That’s why it inspired me.

"The story is gracefully and respectively presented in this wonderfully illustrated book. It's importance goes beyond depicting and reminding us of a tragedy - but also for illuminating us on the wonders of the fabulous creatures with which we share this planet. That elephants have this superb sense of recognizing and realizing wonders of nature that we as humans can not even perceive - gives us much to consider socially, scientifically, and ecologically. Thank you for writing this story in a most accessible format!"



"This sensitive portrayal of the 2004 tsunami is ideal for families and educators. The beautiful illustrations and the rhythm of the language give it a rolling cadence that makes readers feel as if they are being swept away by the story.

The eight elephants from Thailand who rush to save the lives of some 50 people who nearly perished during the tsunami are excellent reminders of the innate desire to help those most in need. This book is an excellent nod to loving Planet Earth and gives a different perspective through the elephants. Not only is a plethora of information packed into this book, but it done so in a way that is very accessible."

Lisa C.

"The Elephants of the Tsunami children's book arrived in a timely manner and in beautiful condition. My grandson and I enjoyed the story together. It is a nice addition to my children's book library."


Margaret M.

"This book is amazing! It is an emotional story which is portrayed through stunning illustrations. What an essential classroom reference! The story is told beautifully and eloquently - perfect for sharing between a caregiver and child."

Tina Wehr, Pipsqueak Publishing

"A chorus of "Again!" emanating from three grandchildren affirmed the goodness of Jana Laiz's "Elephants of the Tsunami". With the second reading we searched a world map to locate this event. Embedded in the text of this true story are three words that needed explaining - a great way to increase a child's vocabulary. My grandchildren and I rate this as a very well-written and timely book that is beautifully illustrated."


Mary Shehadah

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