"A Free Woman On God's Earth"

"A Free Woman On God's Earth"
The True Story of Elizabeth "Mumbet" Freeman

Written by Jana Laiz and Ann-Elizabeth Barnes
Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers

"A Free Woman On God's Earth" is a juvenile biography for ages 8 and up containing over 40 illustrations. It is the story of Elizabeth “Mumbet” Freeman, the enslaved African woman who had the courage and conviction to speak what was in her heart, suing for her freedom in a Massachusetts court of law. ​An engaging history that fulfils the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for third, fourth and fifth grades in the categories of Local Biography, Local History, Revolutionary War Heroes.

A Feature Film based on A Free Woman on God's Earth is underway !

Now available as an audiobook!

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"A FREE WOMAN ON GOD'S EARTH" is in development to be a feature film! More to come!!

“With her soulful pride and majestic grace, Mumbet is a woman of lovely paradox. Jana Laiz and Ann-Elizabeth Barnes have captured that and more in this lively and moving account of Mumbet’s impressive life, a book that is sure to bring yet another generation of readers and citizens into the thrall of this great American heroine.”


John Sedgwick, New York Times bestselling author of In My Blood

 “I believe in the cause! We have to get these stories out to the children. We cannot let this legacy die! Wonderfully told!”


E.B. Lewis, Coretta Scot King Award winning children’s book illustrator

 “A Free Woman on God’s Earth" is a fascinating presentation on the facts of Mumbet’s life. …easy to read with the story line presented in a straight forward way. …exciting passages that I reread a second time …”

Wray Gunn, Board of Directors African American Heritage Trail, ancestor of Agrippa Hull