The Twelfth Stone

The Twelfth Stone

Jana Laiz

The faerie world is fading. Human greed is giving rise to the evilest of faeries. Only Rionnag’s marriage will prevent earth’s doom. But she will have none of it.

The Twelfth Stone is a Celtic American fantasy, adventure, romance and cautionary faerie tale for young adults & adults. Led by Fiona and Rionnag, the cast of characters runs the gamut from evil faeries to captured mortals, from destructive developers to secret lovers who meet only when the borders between the worlds open.

MoonBeam Children's Book Award Silver Medal Winner for YA Fantasy

ForeWord Book Of The Year Award Finalist in Adult Fantasy and YA Fiction



“Unputdownable! I entered this world and did not want to leave.”

Alison Larkin,
best selling author of The English American

“…lovely…The Twelfth Stone reminds us of what’s really important!”

Bill McKibben, world renowned environmentalist,
founder of, author of The End of Nature, Eaarth and Fight Global Warming

“I reveled in this book the same way I reveled in Tolkien the first time I read him. The story invites the reader away from this world and into one that gives hope for the future of our planet if only one would believe!”

Ann-Elizabeth Barnes,
co-author of “A Free Woman On God’s Earth”

“Jana Laiz has successfully unlocked the magic in her latest book The Twelfth Stone. Enthralling! I love this book!”

Deirdre Scanlan,
Former Lead Singer Irish Band, SOLAS

“…a beautifully written book filled with intrigue and a plethora of great characters.”

ForeWord Magazine

"The purpose of fairy tales, it can be argued, was to teach lessons to children and communities in order to help them to understand the world and assimilate to a society. Whether or not we agree with the lessons taught by older fairy tales and their interpretations is often up for debate. But it is truly something to read a fairy tale that teaches lessons appropriate for citizens of this century, while still allowing readers to delve into a world far beyond their own. In The Twelfth Stone, Jana Laiz does just that, bringing readers into Faerie only to have them emerge with a renewed love for the human realm.

The true beauty of Laiz’s prose is that her message is not heavy-handed, but subtly woven through a captivating tale of family, love, friendship, and, of course, magic. Her main characters, fairy or human, are well-developed. Any reader can both sympathize with them and willingly step into their shoes for a while. But, for me, even better are Laiz’s monsters. We expect to find pieces of ourselves in our heroes and the supporting characters. We rarely look for ourselves in their foes. By giving each antagonist a—dare I say—human moment where we as readers can identify with their motivations for actions, Laiz makes her tale more than one of just good and evil. We see, and younger readers will see, that good and bad lies within each of us. It’s the choices we make that make the difference in the end."

Michelle Anjirbag
Cabinet des Fees, A Journal of Faerie Tales