Thirty-Five Days To Baltimore

Thirty-Five Days To Baltimore
35 Días De Camino A Baltimore

Written by Alexis Portillo & Jana Laiz

In 2004, seventeen-year-old Alexis Portillo embarks on a harrowing  journey from Honduras to Baltimore in the hopes of starting a better life. Over a decade later, Alex recounts his story to author and activist, Jana Laiz in this bilingual retelling. This book will give readers insight into the incredible power the American dream holds for those suffering the hopelessness and violence of extreme poverty. This is a modern day odyssey of what one immigrant faces as he makes the treacherous journey out of unfathomable living conditions.
“Thirty-Five Days to Baltimore is a detailed and moving account of one 17 year-old’s harrowing immigrant experience told in achingly beautiful writing. I loved the book! Could not put it down! This immigrant experience honestly reflects the trauma, bravery and survival against all odds that people go through in pursuit of freedom. It is truly an honest depiction of many immigrants’ journeys in pursuit of their right to survive and thrive.”

Maxine J. Stein, MSW, President and CEO Jewish Family Service of Western Massachusetts

 “The most compelling element of this book, for me, is the inclusion of the family’s story in the epilogue. Borders can be cages, depending on what side of a socially constructed and imaginary line you’re on, and having the insight from those on the other side once Alex has completed his harrowing journey makes this testimonial all the more poignant. I wanted to put the book down after Alex successfully crossed all those borders, forget all the painful things I had read once he overcame so many obstacles, but it’s impossible to heal from trauma without understanding the losses and gains experienced by loved ones left behind.”

Michelle Lopez
Director - Berkshire Immigrant Center

“While the conversation around immigration remains heavily politicized, Thirty-five days to Baltimore strips away all of the noise and gives us a crystal clear understanding of Alexis’s motives and the strength it took to set out and make a better life for himself and his family. Equal parts heartwarming and gut-wrenching, this book is a page-turner that will stick with you long after you have put it down and put a very human perspective on a complex topic. Thirty-five days to Baltimore has the power to change minds and hearts. I loved it.”

Akil Clark - President Spark Foundation