Inspired by Melville


Workshops include: Discussions of the life and works of Herman Melville, including examples of his important works, writing exercises, readings from Jana’s works, Q&A and sharing of students’ writings.
Programs meet MCAS and school curriculum framework standards and are highly enjoyable.
-$125 per individual class for 45-minute workshop;
-$350 per grade for an hour and a half workshop (up to 80 students);
$800 per day  - scheduled as per your design, Jana will have lunch with kids.

~To invite Jana to your school, please call The Berkshire Historical Society at Arrowhead 413-442-1793 or contact Jana directly.




The Berkshire Historical Society at Arrowhead is proud to sponsor a new educational program:

with Writer-In-Residence, Jana Laiz, M. Ed.

INSPIRED BY MELVILLE brings the life and works of Herman Melville and the beauty of the written word into the classroom. Designed for grades 3 and up.

Jana will take your students on a journey of history and discovery by engaging them in stories of the life and times of Herman Melville and what inspired him to write, leading into what inspired Jana to begin, and keep on, writing. Jana will then lead students in writing activities, engaging their imaginations and unleashing their creativity.

Students will come out of INSPIRED BY MELVILLE inspired by their own works.

 “I give Jana 5 stars because she was engaged with the students and they were very interested in learning about her work at Arrowhead and the books she has written. They were really excited to write and share their stories with Jana and their peers! Can’t wait to have Jana back next year for another author’s visit.”

-Elaine Miller, Grade 3 teacher, Stearns School



Jana Laiz is an award-winning author of children’s and young adult books. They include  Weeping Under This Same Moon, A Free Woman On God's Earth: The True Story of  Elizabeth Mumbet Freeman, The Slave Who Won Her Freedom, Thomas & Autumn and Elephants of the Tsunami. She has been an educator for over twenty years and has taught writing locally and internationally to children and adults. Jana is currently busy at work on a new biography of Herman Melville for children.